Sunday, October 20, 2013

My first blog (plus a recipe for BioSalt)

Why did I name this blog Artful Cheesewiz? It seems like all the really great names (and a lot of stupid ones) are already taken. AND I set this up with the help of 2 of my daughters.We were laughing at ourselves with our brainstorming attempts. Let's just say I didn't have much time to think up something Artful Cheesewiz it is. I guess the name combines art and food which are a big part of my life, although I'm not a fan of cheese whiz.

This blog is going to be about food (really good food), things I make, and cool things I discover that I feel are worth sharing. When I was young I used to journal extensively. I illustrated my journals and filled them with a lot of color, and I filled many. Later in life, I stopped most of my writing when someone with bad intentions read my private journals. Life is better now and I am surrounded by good people. I have missed writing, so I think blogging will be a fun way to express myself. So enjoy!

Being a practical girl, I want to offer you a simple something that I use in my daily cooking. I call it BioSalt. I mix it up and put it in a big spice decanter for ease of use when cooking. I also put it into all my salt shakers.

The benefits of BioSalt: It contains trace minerals, has a much lower sodium content, and decreases water retention, so it is a healthier alternative to commercial table salt.


1 part natural unbleached mineral salt (I like 'Real Salt', form the Great Salt Lake, a Utah company)
1 part potassium chloride (I get it from the health food store. NOW brand distributes it)

Mix together in a bowl and fill your salt containers.

You can vary the ratio of mineral salt to potassium chloride, but if you add too much potassium chloride, it can start to taste a bit metallic (not a good thing in my book).

A trick to using any kind of salt is to add it towards the end of cooking time, generally you'll need less that way.

Author: Leila Wood