Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Home Made Grapevine Wreath (and off on a tangent about Nancy Glazier ART)

I decided that I want a new wreath for our home. Our grapes grew like crazy this year, so I knew I would have plenty of vines to work with. I used to make dried floral arrangements all the time, I even sold some. I decorated my beauty salon with some of them, and of course my home. I don't know why I stopped, maybe because you can decorate with only so much flowery stuff. That, and I'd like a studio to work in.

My mother has an amazing art studio. She is an inspired and incredibly gifted artist, and I grew up around oil painting my whole life. It was awesome. As a teen, I would perch on a stool beside her and we would talk as I would watch the magic unfold on her canvas. As a kid, sometimes I would paint beside her, she was so great with me, as I am sure I must of made a mess. I still have a couple of those painting around somewhere, I think. Those are good memories. Thanks mom for loving me so much.

Mom -AKA- Nancy Glazier

As an adult, my mom offered to teach me all her painting secrets and I attempted to oil paint a few times...on my kitchen table. But dang, my family wanted to eat. So I'd have to clean it all up everyday, and then get it all out to paint again. I also didn't think cute little baby hands should be grabbing at cadmium-laced paint, or turpentine, for that matter. And honestly, I was frustrated with my lack of skill. It can be a challenge to be a daughter of a master artist. Try not to compare yourself to what you see as perfection! You can't help but notice that there is a huge difference. She has always been encouraging, so it was my own brain getting in the way (Grrrr, as usual). It saddens me a bit that I had to pass on that opportunity. Some people would give their left ear to have the chance to paint with her, even once. I made a choice, and that was to focus on my husband, children and other life activities. I've still been creative. My children are growing up, who knows what the future holds! I can STILL paint with mom.

I can't help but share a little bit of Nancy Glazier art with you...

 Mama's Girl - Nancy Glazier

Peace & Harmony - Nancy Glazier

 Without Any Ire - Nancy Glazier

 Shed Door Fox - Nancy Glazier

 Eye of the Storm - Nancy Glazier

Winter Chores - Nancy Glazier

 Carousel Horse 2 - Nancy Glazier

Primary colors - Nancy Glazier

Faith - Nancy Glazier

Sigh... Looking at her work makes me smile. I hope you enjoyed it too.

So back to making wreaths. 

This is the lame looking wreath I need to replace. It used to look good. I made it with several bunches of lavender years ago. 

After pruning my grapes, I had a pile of vines. I stripped all the leaves off. I luckily had some help. Meet Moki, our mini wiener dog pup.

Now I'm ready to start weaving the vines.

I got an especially long vine and twisted it around itself, making a circle.

I wove more of some of the longer vines around what I had started. I then started weaving the various lengths and thickness of vine that I had. Be careful when bending the more brittle vines, or they will snap.

Moki helping me out.

I think Moki wanted to make it into a rustic doggie bed. No-go Moki, unless you want to sleep up on the wall. I again twisted some longer vines around the wreath to help secure it.

I touch up the wreath with additional vines to make sure it is balanced looking. Then I wrap it a final time with a really long vine or two. 

And there it is! Moki is very proud.

Moki is asking me, "Are you sure I can't have this as a doggie bed? Look how cute I am in it".

Well, there you go. It's not a painting of a fox, but I can put fresh bunches of lavender on it and make my house smell nice. That's worth something.

Now time for my home made Mac-n-cheese!

Happy Halloween!

Author: Leila Wood.