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Hi there and welcome to Artful Cheesewiz -
A place for Artful Living, Cooking, Creating, & Beauty!

This is a place to visit often to find unique and delicious kitchen-tested recipes. As a food formulator and taster, I offer you my expertise. As a voracious student of life, I welcome yours!

I also offer beauty tips and formulas you can make for yourself at home, as I will share my  27-plus years of beauty business experience with you.

This is also a place to find beautiful art and jewelry, along with a few DIY projects to inspire you.

With my background in NLP and other healing modalities, I will share what I have learned and add uplifting gems of wisdom as I find them.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Leila with her husband.

I happily offer you my expertise in the following areas:

Beauty  - Including Hair, Makeup, Skin Care...
Cooking & Recipe Creation
Health & Wellness
Jewelry Design
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & other Healing Modalities
Toxin-Free Living

Author: Leila Wood

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Leila, you are such a good friend! I am so glad I read your blog! I felt as if you were reaching out to me personally, as will anyone reading it! GOOD JOB!! You are right on the money with your concepts, and they are so relate-able, that people will want to be a part of your blogging, because you understand! Living proof if how talented you are! All my love C. M.

Hi- I just looked at your blog. I enjoyed your uplifting comments and photos plus the great recipes. 
Thank you. S.

Hey Leila, I checked out your blog - love it!!! I am excited to try some of your recipes and I enjoy hearing what you are doing with your life - I love your attitude! J. S.