Saturday, October 26, 2013

Best Big Batch Pizza Sauce and a little note about healthy fats -vs- unhealthy fats

I made this big batch of Pizza sauce for my daughter's Halloween/birthday party last night. I made a double batch of olive oil dough (referred to in my last post), and I came very close to not having enough. I should of made a triple batch so I wouldn't  have to be the dough-police with the rations. 30 people were at the party. I think everyone who got an invitation came, and then some. My daughter told me that news of her party spread like wild fire at her school. We are known for our Halloween/birthday parties she said. I'm just happy that it has been a fun thing for her all these years.

A delicious slice of pizza.

For last year's  party, I dressed up as a fortune telling gypsy and created a lair to tell fortunes in, down in our basement. The guests were blind-folded and led down to my lair. They then had to stick their hands on various questionable things (like a chicken foot, a squid, warm home-made slime, and such) and guess what they were. I got the chicken foot and squid at the oriental market, and I created a recipe for the slime. I steam cooked the chicken foot just to be safe. The victim then got to take their blindfolds off and see what they touched. That was fun. Their fortune was told at the end. I have taken a lot of alternative healing, meditation, and NLP  classes (Neuro Linguistic Programming from + , so coming up with woo-woo, new-agey gypsy lingo was no problem!

Drinking out of the chocolate fountain...REALLY?

This sauce is well-balanced in flavor and depth. I think most pizza sauces are too sour and bland. The secret is in the sauce, right? This sauce makes the pizza toppings sing (in Italian). Most importantly, the kids chowed it down happily.

Leila's Big Batch Pizza Sauce
106 ounce can tomato sauce
8 cloves garlic, smashed or minced very fine
2 T. whole fennel seeds
2 T. dried oregano leaves
1 T. dried basil leaves
1 1/2 t. dried red pepper flakes (for a little kick)
2 T. plus 2 t. sea salt
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
1/2 c. extra-virgin olive oil

Mash the garlic with some of the salt in a mortar & pestle.
Pour the tomato sauce into a large soup pot and add everything else except the olive oil.
Gently simmer the sauce for only a few minutes, to mellow the garlic. Use a splash guard to prevent splatters.
Take off heat and stir in the olive oil.

I made over 30 personal pizzas and used maybe only half of this batch of sauce. This sauce freezes well, so having extra is no problem.

Note about cooking oils:
I add the olive oil at the end of cooking time to keep the integrity of the olive oil. I know a lot of people saute with olive oil, but it does not take high heat well. I use deodorized 76 degree (unhydrogenated!) coconut oil for most of my cooking, rice bran oil is also great. I do not like the taste of coconut oil in most of my food, that's why I don't use virgin coconut oil. Rice bran oil is very neutral tasting as well. I like to add rice bran oil to my olive oil based salad dressings. It keeps it from solidifying in the fridge, like olive oil alone does.

For more information about fats, I like to refer people to the book, Fats that Heal Fats that Kill, by Udo Erasmus. See the link below.


Well, I gotta go clean up ground-in potato chips off my stairs and fill the recycling bin with the shredded wrapping paper strewn all around.. I know, scary right?

Author: Leila Wood.